An Introduction to Alliance Reporting Service, Inc.

Alliance Reporting Service, Inc. was established in 1980 by Larry Wexler, president, a working court reporter with four decades of experience as both a freelance and official reporter.

At Alliance we understand your needs vary, but in every case there must be an accurate record of the proceedings. That requires an experienced, professional court reporter.

Once you make that first phone call to Alliance Reporting Service, you can count on us to make whatever arrangements you require, provide whatever services you need and be assured you are getting the very best.

The key to providing good service is an awareness of what good service means. Adequate is NOT the same as excellent, being there on time matters. Having an interpreter present is sometimes vital to completing a deposition. Sometimes you require a videographer in order to preserve a deposition to the time of a trial, to display exhibits or playback expert witness testimony.

These are just some of the many ways we have been able to successfully accommodate firms from coast to coast.

Alliance Reporting Service, Inc. will give your call the priority treatment you deserve. The following is a list of services we offer. Needless to say, we will accommodate additional or differing needs as they arise.

> Scheduling is available 24 hours a day via our 800 number: 1-800-464-8101, Fax: (516) 741-6740 or online
> One call takes cares of all your needs
> Transcripts sent within ten (10) working days
> When necessary, transcripts can be completed and delivered on an overnight basis, expedited or rushed, or e-mailed.
> ASCII disk.
> Minuscript with keyword index.
> Conference rooms are available in Nassau, Queens and Kings counties. Arrangements can be made for other locations.
> Telephone confirmation one day prior to depositions.
> Experienced, professional court reporters backed by quality control team assures you of an accurate transcript delivered in a timely fashion.
> Interpreters
> Videographers

Whether you are on the west coast or in the midwest and your expert witness maintains a practice on the east coast, you may wish to depose the witness in their office where he/she maintains their files and records.

If for reasons of time and/or travel, bad weather or flight connections, a phone call will secure a professional reporter to take your depositions via telephone from the office of the witness or from one of our conference rooms.

Should you require the deposition expedited, simply advise us when you schedule your deposition or advise our reporter at the job. In the event of some urgency, a Minuscript can be e-mailed or faxed to your office while you await delivery of the standard transcript.

Our confirmation process will assure you that things will run smoothly whether you are deposing your witness telephonically or arriving from out of town

Our quality control is on the job whether your transcripts are delivered in the standard ten-working days or expedited. You deserve the very best and we do our best to meet your needs.

Our reporter, Theresa Tiernan (in white sneakers) stenograpically recorded President Clinton's speech at Lincoln Center on March 23rd, 2007.

Here's what legal professionals say about Alliance Reporting Service, Inc.
> "I have worked with Jeanette several times, on malpractice and technical witness, and she is delightful" - Jen H.
> "All the reporters that I have encountered from Alliance Reporting Inc., have been excellent in all of the above categories." - Jeffrey W.
> Barbara is very personal, competent, and efficient in her job and a delight to work with. You should be very proud of her work!" - Erika B.
> "No complaints. Linda was courteous and professional." - Town of H.
> "Cynthia is an excellent court reporter and is a pleasure to work with." - John F.